Portarlington Golf Club, VIC

Goplay has many themes, one of our favourites is our timeless treehouse theme! This theme offers an instant atmosphere of adventure. This is a perfect fit for Portarlington Golf Club. Our pods provide a great lookout for the kids while our giant cross-over slides call for attention.

We have used an Adventure Tower design to make the most of the small area provided and maximise air space. This gave us the freedom for slides, activities and pods over the entire playground! 

Our statement crossover sweeping slide is eye catching from anywhere! You can see this slide also featured at Hungry Jacks Nerang and Hungry Jacks Labrador

Children who engage in imaginative play express more emotional engagement, thoughtfulness and understanding. Our tree house playgrounds are the perfect hub for imaginative play! Childhood is a time of magic and shape shifting and we love being able to support big ideas.

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