Shaft Tavern, NSW

Our Shaft Tavern blue monster mania in NSW has been such a hit! We love this super fun, activity filled playground design. We designed, installed and manufactured this playground from Australian made and sourced materials! From pods to slides to monster themeing and crawl tubes galore, it's safe to say the kids are obsessed and are ready to play all day. 

Shaft Tavern is just one of Goplay's successful playground installs for pubs and clubs all over Australia! Their social media interaction peaks with updates on the play area while they have already received a high number of play space reviews! 

"The kids playground equipment is a bonus they really enjoyed it."

"Kids playground is well appointed, and secured"

"Good play area for the little ones."

We love reading lovely reviews from customers when we do jobs for pubs, clubs, taverns and hotels. Helping families have a wonderful night out, a great dinner and giggles on our playgrounds is what we are here for.

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