Maze Units

Maze Daze

You know that one friend who is the funniest of the lot, always up for an adventure, doesn't seem to sleep AND has the best fashion sense. Well if that friend was a playground, they would be MAZE UNITS.

Will you be a spy sliding down to the ground for a quick escape? An astronaut trying to navigate through space? A giant ant trying to get through tunnels to food? Goplay's Adventure maze is the foundation of imagination.

Let's be honest here, the Maze Units design is impeccable. It's easy to clean! It maximises floor space! Adults can even give it a go! Kids may look at you weird when you do but tell them I sent you.

What makes it even better? We have so many themes to go with it! If you are tired of the same (wonderful, fun, glorious) space theme after a few years, try out a new one! It's the convertible of playgrounds. Check out our themes brochure on our products page!

Want to know some more fun things we can do? I'll tell you anyway... We can do lighting! Shade! Even custom graphic panels with your logo. Check out the custom panels we did for Slices Family Restaurant

We worked hard on this design, we are still working hard to update it constantly! It's safe, fun and magical. We think you'll love it. 

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