What we do

So, you’re probably here because you want a playground, want to repair a playground, refurbish a playground, replace a playground or turn into a playground. We can help you with nearly all these things.

Step 1

Goplay Services

Find out what's right for you!

Our first step is match making you with one of our 10/10 sales people. We have sales people all around Australia ready to visit your site and give a no obligation, free quote about what we can do for your business. We measure up your space and work with your budget and ideas.

Step 2

Goplay Services

Free Custom Design

Our designers can take your site, no matter how big or small, and turn it into the best spot in town. We offer a FREE custom design, presentation, plans and all! If you want to add 7 slides and a giant beanstalk after seeing our options, you better believe we are up for the challenge. We want to make sure this is the most perfect playground you could imagine.

Step 3

Goplay Services

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Once you choose a dream design, the rest is in our capable hands. Our project management team ensure everything runs smoothly on the big day (installation day). We update you with our nearest install date and work around you. Our installers leave no screw unscrewed, no playground unplayed and no job undone.

If you’re interested in getting your playground design under way, contact Goplay today.

Goplay Commercial Playgrounds

Goplay Commercial Playgrounds

Goplay Commercial Playgrounds

Repair - Refurbish - Replace



Can we fix it? Most likely we can!

Do you need a new tube from an old model? Missing some bolts from 1943? Goplay offers a wide variety of spare parts and maintenance options. We can even provide this service to non Goplay playgrounds! Scandalous, we know.

Suppliers including (but not limited to); Megatoy, Ausplay, The One Stop Playground Shop, Galloway and Omnitech.

Send us pictures of parts that need replacing! We are making a SCRAPbook. Just kidding, but if you do need a replacement part, panel or pod, send us a photo of the entire part that needs replacing at lifesfun@goplay.net.au and we will contact you about your playground replacement options.


Do you need a wardrobe makeover? Oops I mean playground makeover, we love your shirt…

Is your playground tired, weathered, sleeping a lot and more moody? Our diagnosis is that your playground has a case of the uglies. It needs a makeover ASAP! Whether it be a complete face lift, new panels, plastics and all - or updating the all important play accessories, Goplay will put the pep in your playgrounds step.

If that doesn’t do the trick…we suggest an iron transfusion.


We know times like this can be hard. Saying goodbye after many years of fun, giggles and smiles together. Goplay is here to get you through it. Don't be sad it is over, be happy that it happened.

Now that we have been through that, it’s out with the old and in with the new!

Replace that stinky old playground for a new and improved Playground 2000. With more activities, bigger and better slides, quirky pods and a whole range of themes!

Our new designs take up less floor space, less rubber surfacing but adds 100 x more fun.