Tower Units


If you put your preferred height range to 6’5 and over on your dating apps, Tower Unit might just match with you. He’s tall with a medium build, a perfect mix of proud and humble and calls his nan everyday. This guy could be the one for you.

Some say installers needed an oxygen tank to put the flag at the top of the tower due to the air pressure up there. Others say 'don't be silly Abbey, it's like 6 meters'. I'll let you be the judge.

Head on a high-flying journey into the sky. Burst through the clouds and see the view of the city in our Tower Unit. Goplay supplied Port Arlington Golf Course with a fantastic Tower Unit! 

As you make the trek to the top, stop at our pod lookouts or take
a rest with one of our activity panels! The expedition back to base camp is made easy with our giant sweeping slides.

This guy stands out above the crowd not only for it's height but the ability to fit into tight spaces! Hi fives for high rise!

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